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I'm the senior technology reporter for CBC News.

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You can contact me securely with the messaging apps Signal or WhatsApp using my phone number. Or, you can send me encrypted emails and attachments using my PGP Key (for instructions, read the Electronic Frontier Foundation's how-to guide).

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I was previously the Canadian editor of Motherboard, Vice Media's science and technology website. Before that, I was a business and technology reporter for the Financial Post.

Some of the other places you can find my work: Bloomberg Businessweek, The Outline, BuzzFeed, The Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, Canadian Business, The Walrus, The Atlantic, Vocativ, Atlas Obscura, Fast Company, and Ars Technica, among others.

I've investigated smartphone maker BlackBerry's handling of requests for user data; exposed surveillance technology used by the RCMP, spies, and police across the country; and detailed a secret Canadian spy program involving the internet's global backbone.

I've talked to app developers trying to outsmart Chinese censors; lawyers fighting to end warrantless smartphone searches at the border; and researchers pushing for algorithmic transparency, and the chance to interrogate AI's 'black boxes' in search of the biases that may lurk inside.

I've written about the future of satellite imagery, the first computer generated television series ever made, and the rise and fall of a Canadian Amazon clone. I've followed the fascinating science of dead pigs and dead whales. And I've interviewed undersea drone operators looking for work, and talked to tech companies helping you talk to your tech.

I was also nominated for a Canadian National Magazine Award in 2013, and taught an online reporting workshop at Ryerson University's School of Journalism during the Fall semester of 2016.