Matthew Braga is a writer and freelance journalist in Toronto

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I write features and essays about technology, science, business, and culture. I was previously a senior technology reporter for CBC News, an editor at VICE Media's Motherboard, and a business and technology reporter for the Financial Post.

You can find my writing in Bloomberg Businessweek, The Globe and Mail, BuzzFeed, The Verge, Hazlitt, The Atlantic, The Outline, Canadian Business, The Walrus, Atlas Obscura, and Fast Company among others. I've also guest hosted the CBC's daily news podcast Front Burner.

I also have a newsletter called Secret World. It arrives when you least expect it. You can sign up here.

I'm happy to discuss writing or editing assignments, podcasts, book proposals, research, speaking engagements, event moderation or hosting, and corporate writing — including ghostwriting and reports. Send me a note.

Selected work:

How noise shaped a city
The Local (2020)

The drone boat of 'Shipwreck Alley'
The Verge (2020)

Data overload: Why it's time to do a digital purge
The Globe and Mail (2020)

This Small Team of Dispatchers Saves Lives Via Satellite
Bloomberg Businessweek (2019)

A Park for All, or a Park for Some?
The Local (2019)

This drone has a camera that can tell it where to fly, no GPS required
CBC News (2019)

A Quebecer spoke out against the Saudis - then learned he had spyware on his iPhone
CBC News (2018)

On Camera Forever
The Outline (2016)

The inside story of's failed e-commerce revolution
Canadian Business (2016)

How "ReBoot" Predicted The Future But Got Left Behind
BuzzFeed (2016)

Your Data Is Safe, For a Price
The Walrus (2016)

Why This Blue Whale's Massive Heart Is Being Blown Up Like a Beach Ball
Motherboard (2015)

The Secret Lives of Dead Pigs
Hazlitt (2014)

Listening In: The Navy Is Tracking Ocean Sounds Collected by Scientists
The Atlantic (2014)